Fabric Inspection Machine
Check Master Finish

Fabric Double Fold Machine

The most advanced, State of art Fabric Double Fold Machine Model Check Master Finish is a pride of "Gayatri " & is comparable Tensionless Fabric Inspection Machine to most high and technology machine. This Model covers full range of possibilities and is suitable from most delicate to heavy fabric quality promising high accuracy to fabric double fold machine handing equipment and lenght measurement. Check Master Finish is equipped with PLC Control which has been devloped to considerably reduce labour, improve productivity and operator efficiency. A dream for all quality textile machine manufacturer supplier and exporter of tensionless fabric inspection machine in Mumbai India and all over the world.

Fabric Double Fold Machine
• Suitable for all kind of fabrics
• SVariables speed 5- 50 Meters / Min
• SFull Forward & Reverse run
• STop and Bottom Illumination
• SMechanical Counter Meter
• SAuto tension control
• SAccurate Fabric Edge Control
• SAdjustable angle of Inspection table
• SScroll Roll and Bow pipe to control crease

Fabric Double Fold Rolling Machine
• Auto Stop at Feed
• Electronic Counter Meter
• Hood on Inspection Table
• Foot Switch Control
• Paper Tube Storage Rack
• Wide Measuring Scale
• Auto Cutting, Doffing and Weighning
• Selvedge Shifting Device for Thick Selvedge
• Tensionless Fabric Inspection Machine Roll Compactness
• Software for Data Logger