Fabric Inspection Machine
Check Master- I

Fabric Inspection Machine - Check Master- I

One of the most popular multi driven Check Master - I is best suitable for small warehouse and medium scale textile mills at greige, intermediate and stage of textile production Automatic Fabric Inspection Machine rolling machine manufacturer supplier and exporter in Mumbai India and all over the world.

Automatic Fabric Inspection Machine
• Suitable for all kind of fabrics
• Variables speed 5- 50 Meters / Min
• Full Forward & Reverse run
• Top and Bottom Illumination
• Mechanical Counter Meter
• Auto tension control
• Accurate Fabric Edge Control
• Adjustable angle of Inspection table
• Scroll Roll and Bow pipe to control crease

• Auto Stop at Feed
• Electronic Counter Meter
• Hood on Inspection Table
• Foot Switch Control
• Paper Tube Storage Rack
• Wide Measuring Scale
• Auto Cutting, Doffing and Weighning
• Selvedge Shifting Device for Thick Selvedge
• Variables Roll Compactness
• Software for Data Logger