Fabric Inspection Machine
Check master B

Fabric Inspection Machine - Check master B

The Development of this multi drive performance of fabric spreading machine model Check Master - B is born of lots of innovation & year of experience to meet all customers demands the guarantee there is tensionless handing of Fabric Inspection machine, accurate length measurement and perfects straight selvedge & compact rolling. We have manufacturers suppliers and exporter of fabric spreading machine in Mumbai India to entire world, and we consistently focus to customer satisfaction and requirement.

Fabric Inspection Machine
• Suitable for all kind of fabrics
• Variables speed 5- 50 Meters / Min
• Full Forward & Reverse run
• Top and Bottom Illumination
• Fabric Inspection Machine Mechanical Counter Meter
• Auto tension control
• Accurate Fabric Edge Control
• Adjustable angle of Inspection table
• Scroll Roll and Bow pipe to control crease

Optional :
• Fabric Machine Auto Stop at Feed
• Electronic Counter Meter
• Hood on Inspection Table
• Foot Switch Control
• Paper Tube Storage Rack
• Wide Measuring Scale
• Fabric Inspection Machine Doffing
• Selvedge Shifting Device for Thick Selvedge
• Variables Roll Compactness
• Software for Data Logger