Double Fold and Open
Width Plating Machine

Double Fold and Open Width Plaing Machine

Gayatritex manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Fabric Double Folding Machine & Fabric Than Folding Machine Open Width double fold Platting Machine, is perfect tool for the fabric in one meter fold. Fabric double folding machine and fabric than folding machine manufacturer, supplier and exporter in Mumbai India and all over the world with genuine quality and quantity. Fabric machine is single / Double Folding / Than Folding & Plating at high speed and eliminate KAATA process. Accurate meter than folding and speed fabric plating increase production. Fold is adjustable from 90cms to 120cms.

Fabric Double Folding machine
• Fabric inlet from roll or flat fold Form
• Fabric oulet in Plating Form
• Adjustable Fabric Tension
• Fabric Double Folding Machine Fix Speed 50 meter / min
• Safety sensor and emergency stop is provided

• Digital lenght counter meter
• Auto Stop and Feed
• Variable speed from 0 - 50 meter / min